Student advocacy is a statutory task of the student union. Advocacy encompasses the overall well-being of the student, such as education, nutrition, study facilities and equality. If you need advice or help, please contact us!


Education policy

The education policy is the developing of the matters which are related to the quality and contents of the education. In the student union the education policy means that the chosen confidence actors represent students in different education political teams. These teams and task forces work on matters such as degree structures, curricula, guidance processes and instructions, including the Degree Regulation and RPL guidelines. In the teams the students are able to have effect.

Social policy

The social policy is affecting the matters which are related to the student’s welfare. The living of students, eating and the comprehensive welfare are social policy. In addition, social policy activities include collaborating with student health care services, student counsellors, the student welfare adviser, the school psychologist and the school chaplain to ensure the well-being of all students.

Harassment contact persons

There is the zero tolerance in our university of applied of scienses in regard to all kinds of harassment. Harassment may involve mental or physical bullying, discrimination, nasty comments or messages, slandering or any such activity by another person that the person being harassed finds insulting or unpleasant. The harasser may be a fellow student or a member of staff

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The FSHS law comes into force 1.1.2021 when the students of university of applied sciences will get within the sphere of the services of FSHS from the outset for the year 2021.

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