Renewing of the membership

The validity of a plastic student card is indicated by a sticker on the card, which is obtained when the membership fee has been paid. The sticker is valid for one academic year or one semester at a time. You can obtain the sticker from our office or request that it be mailed to you. Please note that postage costs  5€ and you must request postage, after payment.  The validity of the digital card is automatically updated. There is no need to pay the membership fee if it has already been paid in advance.

We can only hand over stickers to Student Union Kaakko cards. Klaani’s or MAMOK’s cards are also valid if the studies have started before the merger.

Conditions for renewing membership

  • you study at Xamk a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or you are an exchange student or an open UAS path, hops or diploma student

  • you have registered as attending for the semester/academic year


  • membership semester, 0,5 year (autumn or spring) 20 €

  • membership academic year 32 €

  • membership 2 academic years 59 €

  • membership 3,5 academic years 99,50 €

  • membership 4 academic years 113 €

  • membership 4,5 academic years 126,50 €

  • Postage 5€

Validity of the sticker

  • 1/202X -sticker is valid until January 31, 202X

  • 9/202X -sticker is valid until September 30, 202X