What is tutoring?

More than a hundred tutors trained by the Student Union Kaakko attend to a variety of tasks at Xamk each year. The purpose of the tutoring is to provide new students with a soft landing to the new city and university. Tutors will introduce the new student to the student culture and leisure opportunities. They also organize a variety of leisure activities and help with all kinds of study-related matters.

How can I become a student tutor?

You can become a tutor by registering for the tutoring course in Peppi during the spring semester course enrollment.

After completing the common basic education of 0,5 ECTS, student will select the specialization training (also 0,5 ECTS) which the student wishes to specialize in. The specialization training options are degree tutor, hobby tutor, exchange tutor and eTutor (online tutor). The student completes the remaining 4 ECTS credits by acting as a tutor for the next academic year.

Watch or listen a video about
different specializations:

Why become a tutor?

Working together with the students, the Student Union Kaakko and Xamk’s staff tutors become familiar with the community and meet many new people. As a tutor, you will get valuable work experience and credits. Last but not least, you will have a great time.