Elina Ylönen

7:33. I’ll hit the snooze again. I’m not a morning person and that’s why the first thing I do is to prepare my coffee maker before I do anything else. Check my phone and other social medias. Pour the coffee to my huge coffee mug and splash of oat milk to it.

7:40. Then I’ll do some morning stuff, like put some “real clothes” on and hit some mascara to my lashes. TADAA. Finally ready to put my laptop on.

7:50. Some e-mails. Reading them through and answering for them. Some stuff about upcoming semester, tutoring and orientation week. Some more coffee. Finally awake.

9:06. Teacher from Savonlinna calls me. We chit-chat a little and find a time for a meeting. We will talk about tutoring. Especially tutoring for those new studyfields in Savonlinna.

9:15. I go to see if anyone is participating our “Morning coffee talks” in general chat at Teams. Suvi was only online, we exchanged news and both continued our tasks.

9:18. Tomorrow I’ll go to campus to prepare our office for the extreme makeover/move (wait what?). And for that I’ll create a little list about things to do in campus while I’m finally going to stop by there. We need to check mailbox, need to carry some stuff to our warehouse.. etc.

9:30. Making some new platforms to Learn.

10:30 Lunch timeee, yay, some leftovers from yesterday. More coffee.

12:15 Preparing for myself for the next two meetings by reading all the materials quickly through again. First one will be about the orientation in Learn. We’ll check how things are going at the moment. And also we need to talk about how we could develop it by the feedback from the students.

12:30 Meeting starts. A lot of talk and great ideas. We also talked about the Amazing campus race. Will Korona ruin it? Idk, we’ll see.

13:30 I need to hop to another meeting, which is about entrance exams. Also we’ll check what’s going on and how we will handle the exams in the campus while Korona is still out there. 14:30 Meeting ends. Time for check some e-mails. I’ll continue with the Learn platforms.

15:40. Will pack my laptop to be ready for tomorrow trip to campus. Need to find the keys and the passcard.. Haven’t seen them in a while. Day is done.