At the beginning of the autumn semester, issues with accessibility were identified at Mikkeli campus, particularly in terms of navigating between different buildings and their sections. It was observed that accessing certain areas, such as moving between Building D and Building X, was not feasible for those with mobility challenges, and the services located in Building X were not easily accessible to all students. Student union Kaakko acted swiftly and reported these issues through the Falcony incident reporting channel.

The Property Services department promptly addressed the matter and is set to implement changes during September. For instance, automatic door systems will be installed on the interior and exterior doors of Building X, allowing the doors to be opened with a press of a button.

These improvements support the accessibility of the campus for everyone, with a particular emphasis on those with mobility limitations. They also make various services, such as the student office and the student union’s office, accessible to all students, staff, and campus visitors.

“Equality, fairness, and responsibility are strongly emphasized in Xamk’s strategy. As a student union, we want to contribute to their realization in everyday life,” said Anne Halinen, a member of the Kaakko board and a student of building services engineering.

The identified shortcomings in Mikkeli have prompted a review of accessibility at other campuses as well. If you notice any safety or accessibility issues, you can report your observations directly through the Falcony incident reporting channel.

Feel free to reach out to the student union with any questions related to your studies. We serve on all campuses and are also available in the chat on our website.

Kaakko is the legally mandated student advocate at Xamk, acting in accordance with the university of applied sciences legislation. We stand up for students’ rights and ensure that the student voice is heard and respected within the higher education sector. Our advocacy efforts addresses issues related to accessibility, ensuring the quality of education, and handling harassment-related matters, among others.