In celebration of upcoming Christmas we put together an early present!

Student union Kaakko distributes 23 computers to students! The computers have been used by Xamk and do not include a keyboard or a mouse. This is because keyboards and mice have been in heavy use and are therefore no longer recommended for this. The computers themselves are in good condition and suit really well for general and office use.

We share computers between campuses, so five to seven (5-7) students from each campus can get a computer. You can apply for the computer through this link till 12 pm on 3rd of December. An internal committee of the Student Union, whose representatives consist of students from different campuses, makes the selection. Applications are reviewed anonymously, meaning we only look at the campus and the actual application text in the application.

Computers are available as HP EliteOne 800 G1 and HP ProOne 600 G1. Both have 8 GB of main memory and an Intel Core i3 processor. If you want to liven up your machine then ssd hard drive will help.