The Board implements the operative activities of the student union in accordance with the law, the rules and the decisions of the Representative Council.

Duties of the Board

Enforcement of decisions, student representation, coordination and development, event organization etc.

The Board of Union Kaakko

consists of confidence actor and the Kaakko Representative Council elects its members at its constituent meeting later this year. The Board of Directors will run from 1.1. – 31.12.

The board is responsible for education policy, social policy, tutoring, international affairs, sports, events and communication. The Board of Directors and the employees are responsible for these tasks

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Board 2021

kuvassa Iida Pilli-Sihvola

Rico Martikainen

President of the board, governance and development

kuvassa Sauli Sarjus

Roni Leppänen

1st vice president of the board, services and events, communities and actives

kuvassa Katja Kuusemo

Hanna Dahl

2nd vice president of the board, tutoring and spare time

kuvassa Greta Lehtinen

Noora Kajaluoto

3rd vice president of the board, KoHY and elections

kuvassa Samuli Rossi

Teo Nurminen

Member of the board, education policy and communications

kuvassa Tero Ojanen

Joonas Itkonen

Member of the board, equality and well-being

kuvassa Samuli Rossi

Topias Karvinen

Member of the board, well-being and international affairs

kuvassa Samuli Rossi

Carola Lindholm

Member of the board, sports and hobby activities, communications

kuvassa Iida Pilli-Sihvola

Rosa Suni

Member of the board, services and events, communications

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  • Mikkeli

kuvassa Samuli Rossi

Tony Suomela

Member of the board, services and events, student culture