Student Union Kaakko’s Annual Ball

Student Union Kaakko’s Annual Ball

Welcome to celebrate the Student Union of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Kaakko’s 5+1-year anniversary with the student union’s first annual ball!

The annual celebration is the most traditional and valuable celebration of student organizations throughout Finland. During this event, we had time to reminisce about the first five years of Kaakko, enjoy the food at the dinner table with an entertaining program and have fun.

The prices of the dinner cards are 90€ for the Student Union Kaakkos members and 110€ for others. The price of the dinner card includes a three-course dinner with drinks, continued entry to Bar’n’Night Vaakuna and free cloack room service. In addition, the price includes free participation in the Silliaamiainen.

The annual ball starts on November 5, 2022 at 5:00 p.m., Kulttuuritalo in Tempo, Mikonkatu 23, 50100 Mikkeli. The annual ball begins with the enjoyment of an aperitif and receiving greetings. Registrations by 28 October 2022.

The festivities continue on November 6. at the Silliaamiainen (hangover breakfast) in the campus area of ​​the Mikkeli campus of Southeastern Finland University of Applied Sciences in the O-building, Tark’ampujankuja 3, 50100 Mikkeli, Puukasarmi. Where the celebrants of the anniversary party and other students have something to do together with nice activities.

The event is finished.


05 - 06 Nov 2022


17:00 - 18:00

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Mikonkatu 23, 50100 Mikkeli
Kulttuuritalo Tempo, Mikkeli


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