Johanna Mäkinen

Friends are simply pure love and acceptance. We accept each other with all of our mistakes and demonstrate appreciation for each other. Best of all, in friendship, love has no limits. You always want to show to another that you really care.

A friend can be a person, a partner, a relative or even an animal with whom you have a special relationship. No friendship is the same, thankfully. There is a different chemistry and bond between each person that cannot be copied. This makes friendship unique.

Friends are honest and there is no shame. We dare to share the deepest sorrows and craziest dreams of all, without fear of being judged or criticized by another. With a friend, you don’t have to filter your messages or think too much, because a friend already knows you .. even sometimes better than you do. Friendship is support on both sides. Friends can be asked for help at any time, even in the middle of the night and they will not get mad.

Sometimes a friend is the person who returns you to the ground, gets you thinking, and opens up new perspectives. This is the richness and special skill of friends just when you only want to see a fraction of yourself. Countless things often expand with the help of friends beyond what you yourself could have imagined.

Too rarely we stop to think about friends and their importance. Friends often know they are valuable, but it’s never a bad thing to remind them of that. For a friend, even small everyday deeds and interactions mean a lot. Also, you can’t too often ask a friend questions as simple as “What’s up?” or “How are you?”. These little expressions of interest mean a chance for a friend to be heard and to know, that someone really cares.

A friend is one of the finest things in a person’s life and friendship is the greatest thing you can give to someone else.