• KAL aka knit along starts on Tuesday March 15th.
  • A new part of the sock will be shared every week in the Teams channel Wellbeing for Xamkees!
  • At Mikkeli campus you can get help with your sock in Dexi (March 15th 14:30-15).  Or you can chat and knit with us! The conversation will be open in Wellbeing for Xamkees! Teams channel.

What do you need?

  • 1 ball of black yarn (about 100 grams) and 1 ball of yellow yarn (about 10-20 grams) (Novita’s 7 veljestä or other yarn of same thickness)
  • Sticks based on your hands, 3,5 millimetres – 4 millimetres.
  • Beginners knitting skills (you can create loops and you are able to knit and purl).

Knit along is a part of the WeWe project.