Restoration student Kati Kananen has been serving on the Student Union’s representative council for the fourth consecutive year. She first ran for office right at the beginning of her studies in 2020. 

I feel that I’ve been able to advance the interests of restoration and, more broadly, the cultural sector within the representative council. There are relatively few restoration students at Xamk, so it’s essential that our voices are heard both in student decision-making and more broadly within Xamk, says Kati. 

As a member of the representative council, one has the opportunity to influence the student union’s most important decisions, including the budget, action plan, and membership fees. Representatives receive a year of free membership for their service and can earn 5 elective study credits if they wish. 

Perhaps the most valuable lesson I’ve learned from being in the representative council is how decision-making works. I had never held any position of trust before, and now, official meeting procedures come naturally. These skills will undoubtedly be beneficial in my future career, Kati reflects. 

The candidacy for the Student Union Kaakko’s representative elections is now open! You can run for office until October 8th via this link or by filling out the form at our office. More information about the elections can be found on Kaakko’s website. The representative elections will take place on November 8th, 2023, and the new representative council will begin its year-long term on January 1st, 2024.