Hey student!

FSHS, Finnish Student Health Service, expanded to students of Universities of applied sciences at the beginning of the year and through it you can take advantage of numerous different services. In order to access these services, everyone who studies at a UAS and is completing a Bachelor’s degree or higher Bachelor’s degree must pay the FSHS health care fee. The health care fee is 35.80 € per semester, but you can choose to pay it for the entire year, which is then 71.60 €.

International exchange students not completing a degree in Finland are not entitled to these services and therefore do not pay the health care fee.

The health care payment is made through Kela and its due date is 31.1. From this link you can read clear instructions on how to make a payment.

If you do not pay the health care fee by the due date, a fixed late fee will be added. After the due date, Kela will send you one payment reminder. If Kela does not receive the payment despite the reminder, it can be deducted with the late fee from your study grant without your consent. If the payment cannot be acknowledged from the study grant, the health care fee is transferred to the enforcement authority for collection.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you pay the health care fee by the end of the month!