Student Union of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences presents Rico Martikainen as the chairperson of SAMOK for 2022.

Rico is a 23-year-old Community Educator student from Mikkeli. In 2020, he served as the 1st Vice President of the Board of Kaakko and communications specialist. Over the past year, he has served as President of the Board and as the voice of our students. Through his own activities and management, he has worked to promote students’ resilience and well-being, and has developed the operations of Kaakko holistically.

“I warmly recommend Rico Martikainen as chairperson of SAMOK for 2022. As President of the Board of Kaakko, Rico has strongly promoted the perspective of students in Xamk’s various teams. He has maintained and promoted good cooperation between our university and the student union.

He does excellent work in promoting student well-being, communication, and advocacy at Xamk. Nationwide, the entire student movement would benefit from this competence. ”
– Heikki Saastamoinen, Rector, CEO
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Rico is a developer character who knows how to utilize and take into account the abilities of each person. He is also an excellent networker, already with extensive networks and solid know-how in the field of influencing.

“I am applying to be the next chairperson of SAMOK so that I can have even more influence on the affairs of UAS students and student unions. It is important to me that the role and resources of student unions are strengthened in the future.

Protecting students’ interests and promoting well-being is paramount.
The exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic will leave a long-term mark on students. The need for support in mental health matters for example is great. Decision-makers need to better understand the situation of students, or else we will just move problems forward into working life.

I am ready to take on the responsibility of the chairperson and make my knowledge available to the national student movement. “- Rico Martikainen