At its meeting on 3rd of February 2021, Student Union Kaakko´s Board has outlined the following:

“In the current situation created by Covid-19, the Student Union Kaakko will not organize physical events during the spring of 2021. We will invest more in remote events during this time and plan the autumn.”

The number of coronavirus infections is on the rise, and we do not want to increase the risk of infection through events. Among other things, the traditional Hallituskadun Appro event will not be held this spring.

We are working to organize more remote events and for students during the spring. We also encourage everyone in or near Xamk to focus more on organizing remote events or the like.

More information:

President of the Board
Rico Martikainen
044 540 4547

Secretary – General
Jenni Aikio
044 702 8591