In April Student union Kaakko, in cooperation with SAMOK, commissioned a distance learning survey for Xamk students. This was the second time that a survey had been conducted to obtain information on the impact of exceptional circumstances on UAS students. A total of 1,464 Xamk students responded to the survey. 55 % of repliers felt lonelier than before the pandemic and 51 % of the repliers felt that their mental health had been negatively affected by the pandemic.

“The open answers clearly show the need for community, and a great longing to return to normal. We have sought to increase community through, for example, remote events and various mentoring experiments, Xamk also offers help to strengthen resilience and mental health.” Rico Martikainen, President of the Board of Student union Kaakko.

The results also say a lot about the decrease in motivation and the need for help. 52 % of repliers indicated a decrease in their motivation during the pandemic and 25 % of repliers feel that they need help with coping. The need for support and understanding is great in the studies and many of the students miss the general variation of affiliation as well as social interaction.

“We have now had to live in exceptional circumstances for more than a year. Many students feel they have lost their university experience and long for coffee in the canteen, chatting in corridors or wearing overalls with other students.” Rico Martikainen.

The results of the Kaakko survey are in line with the national results and show that the end of exceptional circumstances is not enough to meet the challenges of mental health. Support and help will be needed and have to be offered to students long after the exceptional circumstances. SAMOK and student unions are calling for immediate action to respond to students ’distress calls.

In April, student unions and SAMOK conducted a survey of students about their experiences of the pandemic period. Nationwide, 7,341 UAS students from 19 different universities of applied sciences responded to the survey.

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President of the Board
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