Photo by Rico Martikainen

Roni Leppänen was elected Chairman of the Representative Council for 2020. He is studying logistics at the Kotka campus. Ilkka Lohilahti was elected Vice Chairman of the Representative Council. He is studying environmental engineering at the Mikkeli campus.

In addition, the Representative Council elected the Board for 2020.

Iida Pilli-Sihvola, who studies community education, was elected Chairman of the Board. Rico Martikainen (Community educator, Mikkeli), Arttu Berg (Building Services Engineer, Mikkeli, acting Chair of the Savonlinna Campus) and Teppo Salo (Information Technology and Communications Engineer, Kotka) were elected Vice Chairmans of the Board.

The following were elected to Board members:

Suvi Davidsson (Social Work, Kotka)
Johanna Mäkinen (Social Work, Kotka)
Saule Aukštuolyte (Environmental Technology, Mikkeli)
Joona Pussinen (Logistics Engineer, Kotka)
Emilia Häyhä (Social Work, Mikkeli)
Tomas Pulkkinen (Sea Captain, Kotka)

“After serving on both the student representative council and the board, I feel it is natural to move into the chair. In the coming year, we intend to focus on improving the visibility of our operations on all of our campuses and preparing for the expansion of the Student Health Care to UAS students, ”says Iida Pilli-Sihvola.

More information:

Chairman of the Board 2019
Sauli Sarjus
sauli.sarjus (a)

Chairman of the Board 2020
Iida Pilli-Sihvola
iida.pilli-Sihvola (a)

General Secretary
Jenni Aikio
jenni.aikio (a)