A student advisory board has been set up in Kouvola, which participants want to develop Kouvola into a better city for students.

At the moment as the members of the board there are representatives from the different fields of Kouvolas sectors, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk), Student Union Kaakko, Student association Kupla ry, The Association of Designer Students Virta Ry, LUT University, The Student Union of LUT university, Kouvola’s Secondary Schools and Kouvola Central Association (Kouvolan Ydinkeskusta ry).

The aim of the student advisory board is to support students’ inclusion, well-being and attachment to the city. The advisory board recognizes that cooperation with students increases the visibility and image of the city of Kouvola as a city of higher education. The advisory board acts as a cross-cutting actor in all student-related activities of the city.

The common goal for the members of the advisory board is to be a forum where information can be communicated from students to the city and other interest groups and vice versa at a low threshold. In addition, the board works to figure out how we can develop Kouvola as a student city all together. The advisory board is also a channel for students to network and make their voices heard.

Large-scale cooperation

Cooperation will take place, for example, on student events and the tutoring of new students, probably in many other areas in the future. This autumn, a master’s degree in industrial engineering by LUT university will be launched in Kouvola, which will bring new university education to our city.

During this spring, the most important topic of discussion at the student advisory board meetings has perhaps been May Day, which will soon be celebrated. May Day is known to be popular with students, and during May Day week there is an opportunity to meet students in their overalls on several days. The traditional event, capping the Unto statue will be held again on 30 April 2022 starting at 17:30, and the program will include speeches, co-singing and, of course, putting the graduating cap to the statue itself. This event is open to everyone, so welcome to explore Kouvola’s student culture and start celebrating May Day together with us.

More information:
Advocacy specialist Iida Pilli-Sihvola, Student Union Kaakko, tel. 050 512 7280,

Director of Development Petteri Portaankorva, City of Kouvola tel. 020 615 1287,