Applying period for Student Union Kaakko’s board for the calendar year 2022 has started. You can apply by filling the form here.

We offer you an opportunity to learn new skills and develop yourself in a safe and supportive team. In addition, through this activity you get the opportunity to create for yourself nationwide networks for the future. We pay a commission for your work according to the task and responsibilities, and it is also possible to get credits, course completions and an official work certificate for the activity.

The requirements are the membership of the Student Union Kaakko, an open mind and a desire to commit to activities for the whole year. We are also looking for a creative and new perspective on activities.

The Board’s workload is distributed as follows (changes possible):
President of the Board approx. 100 h / month
Vice president of the Board approx. 40 h / month
Board member approx. 20 h / month

On the board, you can do services, student events, tutoring, communication, sports and hobby activities, advocacy, international activities and much more! Each Board member will have their own area of ​​responsibility at the end of the year and will also be able to influence it.

There is no need to have previous organizational or influencing experience, but it can be useful. The main working language of the Board is Finnish.

The new Board will start on January 1, 2022, and before that they will have an orientation and grouping weekend on 10-12.12.2021 at a place to be notified later. Applicants will be required to participate to that weekend.

The application period ends on 20.11.2021 at the organizational meeting of the newly elected Representative Council. It is possible for all applicants to attend the organizational meeting both remotely and physically and we will inform all applicants more about this!

Are you interested? Further information:

Ask more:
Rico Martikainen
President of the Board 2021
044 540 4547