Do you want to make an impact at Xamk? Are you interested in student union activities? Do you want make changes? The Student Union Kaakko is seeking members for the board for the year 2024!

The responsibility of the student union board is to collaborate with the union’s staff in advancing the interests and well-being of Xamk students. Board members represent students in various teams and working groups at the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences and bring the student perspective into Xamk’s decision-making. Joining the board gives you the opportunity to make Xamk an even better place to study, connect with new people, and gain valuable experience in advocacy and representation work, highly valued in the professional world.

Requirements for joining the board include membership in the Student Union Kaakko (i.e., a valid student card), an open mind, and a commitment to the activities for the entire year. Previous experience in organizations or advocacy is not necessary but can be beneficial.

We offer you the chance to learn new skills and develop yourself in a supportive team. Additionally, you have the opportunity to build national networks for the future.

Compensation for the work is as follows:

– Board Chairperson: €850/month for 12 months.
– Board Vice-Chairperson: €400/month for 10 months.
– Board Member: €200/month for 10 months.
– Annual fee for the Chairperson of the Representative Council: €600.
– Annual fee for the Vice-Chairperson of the Representative Council: €350.

In addition, you can earn study credits and receive an official work certificate.

NOTE! The amount of the paid fees may change based on the decision of the representative council meeting.

The application period for the Student Union Kaakko’s board starts on November 13, 2023, and ends on November 30, 2023, during the organizational meeting of the representative council where the new board will be elected. Those applying for the board should ideally participate in this meeting either remotely or at their own campus. If you want to participate in the meeting on campus, please register for the meeting HERE.

Those selected for the board will be introduced to the activities before the start of the term, and the orientation will take place on December 8-10, 2023. The board’s term is for a calendar year, and those selected for the board should commit to the activities for the entire year.

Apply for the board from HERE.

For more information:

Emmi Matinheikki
Chairperson of the Board
Phone: 044 540 4547