Where can I get tickets?

From Kide.app: : https://kide.app/search?searchText=hallituskadun%20approt

We offer tickets with a discount for Kaakko’s members and regular-priced tickets for non-members. You can also choose to purchase a ticket with no after-party access. After buying your ticket, please choose your starting time from the event “Approjen lähtöajat”. It’s a separate event in kide.app with free tickets.


The starting and ending points are at Mikkeli’s Kirkkopuisto. Task checkpoints are at After, Dom, Wilhelm, Jälkipeli, Estrada and Ohjaamo Olkkari.


The event is being held on Wednesday, March 15th. Checkpoints are open from 15:00 to 21:30. Wilhelm’s checkpoint closes at 21:00. After you’re done with your checkpoints, you can claim your badges at Kirkkopuisto between 21:00 and 22:00.


You can get stamps from either performing at a task checkpoint or buying a drink or something to eat. You can receive one stamp per checkpoint. You can find the needed amount of stamps for each level from your appro-pass, but you can also do more. After completing the checkpoints you can redeem a badge approriate to your level at Kirkkopuisto between 21:00 and 22:00.

What is happening after approt?

The ticket that includes an after-party grants access to both of our official after-party locations: Wilhelm Public House and Las Palmas. KUUMAA will perform at Wilhelm Public House around midnight, however Kaakko strongly recommends utilizing Las Palmas as an after-party location as well, because it is assumed that Wilhelm will be full to the brim.

 I drank through the whole evening, why can’t I receive a doctorate?

The levels of completion for the badges are tied not only to the amount of stamps, but also to the number of visits. This means that a first-timer at Hallituskadun Approt can only receive the Approbatur –badge whereas a second-timer can only redeem a Cum Laude –badge etc.