Incy - Incident Reporting System at Your Service

Xamk has introduced a new incident reporting tool, Incy. Incy aims to make it even easier to report anomalous events, development ideas and different ideas to the university. Findings are an important tool in the continuous development of the university’s operations.

Do not use Incy in acute emergencies, but contact other parties required by the situation, such as the campus caretaker or, if necessary, the general emergency number.

During November and December, we have published four articles that go into more detail about the different aspects of Incy and make the tool familiar. You can read previous articles on Kaakko’s website. This article provides a brief overview of the remaining topics we have not yet introduced and you can report through Incy.

You can access Incy here. In the presentation of the themes below, you will also find a direct link to report the observation of that topic. You can also find Incy Reporting System on the Student homepage.

Report a New Observation: Safety Observation

If you notice a safety-related deficiency, error, or compromising activity in any part of Xamk, please report the finding here. Things to report can be, for example, a fire load stored in a stairwell, an emergency escape route blocked by goods, a faulty exit route light or, for example, an outdated hand fire extinguisher check mark.

Report a New Observation: Near Miss

If you notice a situation where an accident leading to an injury was imminent during studying or at work, report your findings here. The observation of the near-liked situation is particularly related to the occupational safety aspect. For example, a malfunction of the machine or equipment for some reason or due to its own negligent operation, or an increase in the risk of an accident caused by inadequate protective equipment, are near miss-situations.

Report a New Observation: Substance abuse

The use of intoxicants and their presence under the influence of intoxicants on Xamk’s premises is prohibited. If you notice substance use or an intoxicated person on campus, report the finding here.

Report a New Observation: Property Related

In this notification section, you can share your findings regarding campus properties. You can report an indoor air problem, too hot or cold room air, any other property problem, or quality of cleaning. You can report the finding here.