Our two-month internship at Student Union Kaakko has come to an end. These two months have been full of different tasks and learned lessons. Our knowledge of Kaakko’s activities was very thin at the beginning of the internship and we got to familiarize ourselves with Kaakko’s activities very thoroughly.  We got to make plans for the May Day, do communications and office work. One of the main things we learned were team skills, which are very important in Kaakko’s activities.

The internship in Kaakko went very well and time just flew past. The staff was super nice right from the start and we were accepted as part of the group. Kaakko enables you to shape your internship exactly how you want it. There is exactly as much tasks as you want to do. We were also allowed to work from home, which was nice and made the work more flexible.

The activities of the Student Union are very versatile and we got to see it during the internship. We definitely recommend doing an internship in Kaakko, because it gives an opportunity to get to know the student union from the inside.

Thank you for the internship!

Juuso Venäläinen & Mikael Viskari

P.S. Juuso had a flu, so only Mikael is in the picture.