Hello, my name is Ronja Kaarikivi, I’m a sophomore logistics student and I have soon completed my first season in Kaakko’s Representative Council.

What council? That was exactly what I thought when people tried to lure me in last autumn, and eventually, they succeeded.

We, the representatives, promote students’ interests, try to create new opportunities for students and make their voices heard through every possible channel. To start, you don’t need to have any prior experience from organizational activities, I didn’t have any and neither did many others. In the end, that didn’t really matter, all worked out well and the atmosphere here has been very nice the whole time.

Now, after my first year in the council, I’m just really happy that I said yes to this. Although I was slightly nervous (or, horrified might be a more accurate description of my mood before the first meeting), it all turned out very well.

In the Representative Council you get to meet new people, make new friends and you also gain a lot of valuable experience for your future. I recommend everyone who is even cautiously interested to apply for the council. Even if you sometimes feel nervous about the meetings and decisions, it will all be fine!