I am Terppa Kuismin, a 26-year-old Community Educator student in Mikkeli. My first year in Kaakko’s Representative Council is just about done and dusted.

Being in the Representative Council has granted me an opportunity to peek behind the scenes of Student union’s decision-making. During my time, we have e.g. decided about the salaries paid to interns and thesis writers, as well as gone through with a change in rules. I have also been involved in developing Kaakko’s member services. In the meantime, meeting protocols have really instilled on me.

Through the Representative Council, I have also gotten an education to work as a harrasment contact person. Even though all our meetings have been online, I have become acquianted with new people in our game night gatherings. Now I know people from other campuses too, not just from Mikkeli!

The atmosphere in the Council meetings has always been relaxed and open. It has been easy to speak up if I’ve had something on my mind. Everyone’s thoughts have been heard and we have always reached an agreement. I have gotten a strong feeling that I am making decisions about matters that have an impact on students’ everyday life in Xamk. On the other hand, being in the Council hasn’t taken too much of my time, so it has been a relatively easy way to participate in decision-making.