Attention attention all new students! 

We launched a competition for the start of the autumn semester. We will draw Jopo bike among all students who have joined the Student Union Kaakko by 30.9.2022. 

The draw applies to all new members who have joined the Student Union between 1.7.–30.9. So don’t worry if you’ve already joined in the summer or early fall. 

How to become a member 

You can become a member of Kaakko on the Student Union’s website. All Xamk students can become members, whether you are studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree or doing open university studies. 

To join Kaakko, select “Student card” and “Become a member” in the top bar of the Student Union’s website. 

By becoming a member, you will receive an official student card in both traditional plastic and digital form. You can use the digital card within the same day. You can pick up the plastic card from campus, or upon request, we will mail it home. 

While waiting for the lady Fortuna, you can enjoy numerous great student benefits! 

Claiming the prize 

The competition ends on 30.9 and the draw will take place on Monday 3.10. The winner will be contacted personally. 

Jopo bike, the target of the raffle, is located on the Mikkeli campus, but if necessary, the bike will be delivered to the campus where the winner of the raffle will mainly study. The award must be picked up on campus and will not be delivered to your home address. 

N.B! The Jopo is secondhand bike. Once upon a time, students have been racing these campus bikes along the streets of Mikkeli. Now it’s possible for you to win it for yourself.