Kaakko’s 1st Vice President Terppa Kuismin, is a candidate for the SAMOK board for the year 2024. Primarily, Terppa aims to run for the position of vice president.

Terppa has been a representative in the Kaakko Student Union from 2021 to 2022. In 2023, they have served as the Vice President of Kaakko’s board. As the Vice President, their responsibilities included leading the Advocacy, Education and Well-being team.

In addition to their involvement with the student union, Terppa has been an active member of the student organization Sokka ry for several years, serving in various roles.

Terppa has accumulated expertise in advocacy from various sources and is now ready to utilize this knowledge on a broader scale. Regarding their candidacy, Terppa expresses the following:

“Finnish student culture is still facing challenging times. The exceptional circumstances are behind us, but new challenges have emerged in the form of rising living costs. Students’ mental burden is strongly present in the daily life of universities, and balancing finances certainly does not ease the mental load. The increased costs directly affect the operations of student unions.

I want to be part of creating a Finland where UAS education is equal, sustainable, and financially accessible to everyone. I aim to provide security, health, and income to UAS students. The voices of student unions located outside major cities must also be heard more effectively. SAMOK’s operations as a whole need to be developed to be more nationally accessible. There is a lot to be done, but as a born multitasker, I am not afraid of challenges.”