Iida Pilli-Sihvola has been selected as Student Union Kaakko’s new advocacy specialist! Iida started on 23 February 2022.

In Kaakko Iida takes over the development and implementation of advocacy and influencing work. Advocacy specialist cooperates closely with e.g. different actors in Xamk and is responsible for student-oriented development of education and student wellbeing. In addition, the task includes coordinating the activities of Kaakko’s Representative Council, as well as encouraging and inspiring students to participate in influencing work in many ways.

Pilli-Sihvola is a Community Educator by training and has previously held positions of trust in Student Union Kaakko. She has gained expertise and experience in other positions of trust as well, and she is currently serving as a city councillor in Kouvola.

“I can’t wait to find out what I can do as an advocacy specialist! The work seems versatile, and I believe that together with the students, we will be able to develop the advocacy work and activities of Kaakko to better meet the needs of the students.”

As an advocacy specialist, Pilli-Sihvola is also responsible for the harassment contact person activities of the student union and also acts as a harassment contact person herself. In addition, you can contact her, if you need help in problems related to studies.

Iida’s contact information can be found on the website contact tab.

More information:

Jenni Aikio, Executive director


044 702 8591

Krista Väisänen, President of the board


044 540 4547