Student union Kaakko is a significant local advocacy organization that aims to promote issues that are important to students in Xamk and all campus locations.

Student unions have a statutory position at the University of Applied Sciences. The Universities of Applied Sciences Act defines the duties of the student union as follows: “The purpose of the student union is to act as a link between its members and to promote their social, social and spiritual aspirations, as well as their aspirations related to studying and the student’s position in society. The student union’s task is to prepare students for active, informed and critical citizenship.” (UAS Act, Section 41)

The student union Kaakko is an ideologically, politically and religiously independent organisation that strives to carry out its statutory duties and to promote the affairs of Xamk students in every possible way.

In the Municipal elections 2021, we aim to influence local politics by highlighting the shortcomings of the regions from a student perspective, for example through our municipal election programme (can be found in Finnish). Making a municipal election programme is a commonly used way for student advocacy organizations to influence local political decision-making affecting students.

During the spring, Kaakkos social media will be filled with diverse municipal election content, including online panels and a challenge for candidates. The aim is for each municipality to see that Kaakko’s important role as a student advocacy organization would be noticed, and during the upcoming council term there would be many councilors trying to make the municipality more student-friendly.

We hope you’ll stay and watch our municipal election work!

In municipal election matters, you can contact the 3rd vice president of the board, Noora Kajaluoto.