We have become aware of harassment incidents in our university community this autumn. We have discussed the issue together with student associations and Xamk’s Head of Security.

We all want to emphasize that we don’t tolerate any kind of harassment in our community. This includes discrimination, bullying, abuse, unpleasant comments or messages, blackmail or anything the victim of harassment finds insulting or displeasing. Harassment can be committed by another student or a staff member.

All students have the right to a free, safe and equal studying environment and student life. We must secure accessible learning: that everyone in our community can live and study without any fear of discrimination or harassment. Everyone, bystanders included, has a responsibility to intervene in the situations where they witness or experience harassment. Each and every one of us can implement change through our own actions and create a safe, equal and comfortable studying environment for us all.

If you have witnessed or experienced harassment of any kind in our university community, please contact Kaakko’s harassment contact persons on a low threshold. In Xamk we also have incident reporting tool Incy, where you can leave a report of harassment.

Kaakko’s harassment contact persons operate on all Xamk campuses. They listen without judgement, and, when asked to do so, intervene in harassment cases brought forward. They take no further actions without your consent. All information shared with harassment contact persons will be regarded as strictly confidential.


Student union Kaakko

Kotka engineering students – KoIO ry

Kotka social and health care sectors students – Kostea ry

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Gaming Barracks

Business administration students in Kymenlaakso – Klato ry

Kouvola campus student association – Kupla ry

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