Incy – Incident Reporting System

Have you noticed anything unusual in your study environment or do you want to give a development tip? Xamk has introduced a new incident-reporting tool, Incy. Incy aims to make reporting anomalous events and different ideas easier to Xamk. The reporting tool is available to both students and staff. When, for example, various development ideas, harassment, or data protection breaches are reported through Incy, the observation data is transferred by location and category to the right persons in each area of responsibility. 

You can access Incy here. In the presentation of the themes below, you will also find a direct link to report the observation of each topic. A link to Incy is also on the front page of Student. Incy has an English version, too.

Report a New Observation: Privacy Violation

A privacy violation can hit anyone. Personal information in the wrong hands can be material worth money. For this reason, keeping personal information secure, as well as preventing misuse, is the responsibility of everyone in the organization. The EU Data Protection Regulation GDPR has made the secure processing of personal data and the prevention of their misuse even more important.

It is a good idea to make an Incy Incident Report already when you suspect a privacy breach. Privacy breaches are often detected too late and sometimes go unnoticed at all. A data breach may occur accidentally or as a result of ignorance, but these do not reduce the need to report the breach. When you report a privacy breach in Incy, the form gives you a comprehensive list of questions to help you describe the issue accurately.

A privacy breach can be a situation where you suspect that your personal information has been passed on without your permission or someone has changed your information without your permission. A privacy breach is also a situation in which you obtain an organization’s device from which previous user’s information has not been deleted.

Various ways of a data breach can include hacking, phishing, a lost or stolen device and sending personal information to the wrong recipient.

Findings of privacy violations can be reported to Incy in here. 

During the latter part of 2020, we will publish a series of stories about the various aspects of Incy Incident Reporting System, a tool that serves everyone at Xamk. 

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