So, what is Vappu? it is the Finnish version of May Day. Traditionally, this spring festival is celebrated especially by students all around Finland. As we know, this year it is not possible to celebrate in live. That’s why Student Union Kaakko create an Virtual Vappu!

Schedule 30.4.

at 12.00 doughnut baking LIVE
at 13.30-14.30 hanging out in Discord -app
at 14.00 capping the statue LIVE
at 15.00 Kahoot -in Discord -app
at 16.00 Jackbox -in Discord -app
at 17.00 Drawful -in Discord -app

Watch this space. We will inform you for other possible events on this site.

After the “official” event, every student can make their own stream, in Discord!

Join our Discord here: