Now is a unique opportunity to participate in organizing the student union Kaakko’s most valuable celebration for the first time in Kaakko’s history!

The anniversary team will be made up of different teams so that the workload is distributed as evenly as possible.

We are looking for self-initiated, efficient and creative team members who want to create and develop the event forward. We hope that the applicants are adaptable, motivated and able to commit to the project throughout the fall of 2022

You can apply to the teams regardless of the year course, so it doesn’t matter if you have just started your studies or are already nearing the end of your studies.

If you recognized yourself in the description and you have a burning desire to participate, fill out the application below! Previous experience in organizing other events, especially annual ball’s, is considered an advantage, but is not necessary.

Good luck to all applicants, we look forward to your applications!

Apply by 2 October 2022.

Fill out the application from HERE