Kaakko’s member register  will be amended from 25 May to 20 June. As a result of the changes, the register of members will not work at the time of maintenance.

Member register will be updated to the new version, the changes will be carried out by Hakosalo Innovations Oy.

At the time of the maintenance work, the student cannot:

  • update your information
  • renew your membership
  • order a new student card.

We apologize for the prolonged downtime and any inconvenience it may cause. If you have questions about membership or joining to a student union, please contact our member service specialist:

Sauli Sarjus

Message updated:

  • 19.6.2023
  • 12.6.2023
  • 7.6.2023
  • 5.6.2023
  • 1.6.2023
  • 30.5.2023
  • 28.5.2023
  • 26.5.2023
  • 25.5.2023.