Kaakko’s Representative Council election will be held between 20th of October and 3rd of November 2021 and the applying period of candidates ends on 1st of October. The election will not succeed without good candidates and active voters. Will you be one of them?

Difficult to grasp what the Representative Council does?

The Student Union could be seen as a nation where students are citizens. The citizens (students) elect the Parliament (Representative Council), who then elect the Committees and the Government (Board).

By participating in the Representative Council election, you can influence the most important matters during your life as a student. Don’t miss this chance, become a candidate even if you don’t have any previous experience, and vote for a candidate who best represents the matters that are important to you.

Why should you become a candidate?

You should run as a candidate, because as a Representative Council member you will decide on the future of the Student Union, co-operate with the university, supervise students’ interests and take part in national student politics. You will also network with other students from different study fields and learn important skills of government and decision-making.

You don’t need to have any previous experience to become a candidate!

You will find the instructions on how to become a candidate and how to form an electoral alliance here: https://www.opiskelijakuntakaakko.fi/en/representative-council/

Why should you vote in the Representative Council election?

You should vote in the election, because that way you get to choose the people who make decisions concerning the Student Union and the services Kaakko offers to its members. By voting, you will have a chance to affect your own life at the university directly!

The Representative Council consists of twenty members and twenty deputy members. The Council decides on large-scale matters in the student union, such as the membership fee and the approval of the budget, financial statements and annual report.

Every vote counts, so use yours!


Important dates

Applying period of the candidates ends 1.10. 12 p.m.

Advance voting 20.10.-2.11.

Election day 3.11.


More information

Johanna Jääskeläinen, Chair of the Representative Council


Jenni Aikio, Secretary General