Rico Martikainen

This week is Youth Work Week, the theme of which is the social inclusion of young people at the local level and we in the Student Union Kaakko wanted to open up more about what inclusion means to us.

When we talk about inclusion, it is defined as the right to information, the opportunity to express one’s opinion and to make an impact. Our activities focus on informing students about current and important issues, taking into account and collecting students’ opinions, and ensuring opportunities for influence. In addition to these, we do much more, but our entire activities can be summarized as follows. It is our job to look after the rights and well-being of students together with the students.

While the existence of a Student Union at UAS is enshrined in law, it doesn´t guarantee such a great activity as it has been so far. It is guaranteed by inclusion and activists who go out to apply from year to year to the Rep. Council and the Board, to be a tutor or student representative in different places and otherwise boldly bring things up.

Without you all, there would be no us and that is why we continue to work for students and inclusion from day to day.

Happy Youth Week!

P.S. If you are interested in doing more influence then be sure to follow us at social media, where we will be the first to announce about different opportunities!