My name is Sean Nieminen, and I am a 3rd year environmental engineering student in Mikkeli. I am originally from Sweden, but I grew up in Malaysia, and now I’m here. I am running in this representative council election in the hopes of alleviating some difficulties that students, especially international students who may have difficulties with Finnish, may face in their studies.

As someone with limited Finnish language skills, and studying in an English language program, I know how difficult it is for international students studying full time in Finland to find a practical training workplace in our field, especially when they lack work experience. This has been a source of great frustration and stress for international students who are studying full-time in XAMK’s campus cities. As representative, I want to make it easier for international students to secure practical training spots where language will not be an issue.

I hope that my message to you, my fellow XAMK students, will convince you to vote for me as your representative, and I hope to exceed your expectations. If you have any questions regarding me or the election, you can find me at the Mikkeli election stand on 30 October and 3 November!

Best regards,

Sean Nieminen


The author is a candidate for the Student Union Representative Council and a student of enviromental engineering from Mikkeli. Voting for the elections will be held electronically from 30 October to 8 November. We will publish the candidates’ writings on our website during the campaign period in October and November. All our candidates can be found here